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How can online creators maintain stability during lockdown?

During times of a pandemic, the online content creators have to cancel their shows, tours or book launches. The impact which they have on the life of their fans is not negotiable. As time goes on, COVID-19 is impacting how agencies, brands, and platforms do business. That goes for content creators, too, who are seeing brand collaborations and content strategies disrupted as sponsored trips have been postponed and they are confined to their own homes. Any time of the day we might have watched a youtube video, laughed on a meme, or learned something from a cooking tutorial, the overall success of a content creator depends on the audience which can appreciate and connect to their art. It is also very difficult to maintain the number of followers, finding the approach that speaks, on an emotional level, to the target audience, and what they like to see can be done a sustainable way through ActualFans . We rarely understand the kind of bullying creators face often for their conte