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Say it how you like it:) Communicate better with good Instagram captions

Okay okay, we get it. This is not the first time when you must have seen a post or an article that says ‘10 best Instagram captions to choose from’ or ‘Instagram captions that get more likes’ and so on. Those listicles can be really helpful for a last-minute requirement when you have to post something and you have no time to think. (We get it!)  But it’s pretty interesting to see how when you are faced with a mental block and can’t think of what to say,  understanding what your post is about can help you have a ‘funny-happy-sarcastic-chiller’ vibe depending on what you want. Instagram may be a mainly visual medium but that doesn’t mean that just great photographs or images get recognized, good captions also matter! Let’s try to understand how to know which captions to choose from depending on what you want your social media followers want to know.  Create a Call to Action in your Caption: Everyone uses the phrase, ‘Call to Action’ or CTA which means the final way to pitch something to

On to the Next One: Tiktokers move forward!

  Over the past few weeks, I bet you must have seen so many posts about Tiktok and the ban in our country.  Stories have been everywhere telling us about the  ‘ what, why, and how ’ of it all.  It is pretty amazing how TikTok grew so quickly but we aren’t going to focus on that. What we find pretty amazing though is how the conversation shifted to how will TikTokers be able to manage now that the app is not available?! What are they going to do next, you could wonder and honestly, like how all of us adapted to become homebodies and wearing only pyjamas all day, the same thing Tiktokers understood: they didn’t give up.   Looking at all the stories about how they lost out on followers, we want to take a look at how they continue to grow in popularity. Adapt to the New. Success will follow Even before the TikTok ban happened, we would all see someone sharing TikToker videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other apps. Because of this trend, we already began to know who the peo

Life of a social media creator: Rewarding but not in Earnings

Being an online creator is really cool. You have the chance to be able to share what you love to the world and create a space where you can express yourself. You share funky fashion looks, short comedy reels, memes, sing songs, show-off your choreography, or post your art. Whatever it may be, your person al style lets loose online but being a social media creator is no easy feat for sure. Hours of work, usually in your free time to help build content, focus on each tiny detail to make sure it’s alright before it gets uploaded and after that, hope that it gets noticed. From the perfect caption to what hashtags to use, you learn slowly by trial and error and eventually, brands begin to notice you.  Then comes sponsorships, potential partnerships, collaborations, and other kinds of branded content on your social media profiles. Your hard work begins to reap some benefits, yay! The key question though is: With the pace in which you’re growing, are you creating enough monetary value equal

Staying indoors? No problem! How the lockdown created the multi-talented influencer

  The year 2020 has really been a year that is going to stand out for us. In month six of this social isolation, we have changed our behaviour and adapted in ways no one ever dreamed of. From going out on a Friday night to now valuing a trip to the supermarket as a great ‘outdoors’ experience, we have seen ourselves change to a different, inside life.  In this new world of social distancing, Social Media has literally become the classic Nokia tagline of ‘Connecting people’. It has been our daily ‘timepass’, our saviour and alongside the funny memes we see each day, online influencers have become our regular place to be.  It is amazing to see how a social media star, who was known for a single theme like ‘fashion’ to ‘fitness’ etc. have evolved into a multi-talented powerhouse of content, giving their fans a chance to see more of their personality and sneak a peek inside their lives. In the past few months, the evolution of creativity in content that we’ve seen by social influencers sho