Staying indoors? No problem! How the lockdown created the multi-talented influencer


The year 2020 has really been a year that is going to stand out for us. In month six of this social isolation, we have changed our behaviour and adapted in ways no one ever dreamed of. From going out on a Friday night to now valuing a trip to the supermarket as a great ‘outdoors’ experience, we have seen ourselves change to a different, inside life. 

In this new world of social distancing, Social Media has literally become the classic Nokia tagline of ‘Connecting people’. It has been our daily ‘timepass’, our saviour and alongside the funny memes we see each day, online influencers have become our regular place to be.  It is amazing to see how a social media star, who was known for a single theme like ‘fashion’ to ‘fitness’ etc. have evolved into a multi-talented powerhouse of content, giving their fans a chance to see more of their personality and sneak a peek inside their lives.

In the past few months, the evolution of creativity in content that we’ve seen by social influencers shows that they are the true ambassadors of adapting to anything and everything. Here’s a look at some of the things they are doing and nailing!

MasterChef Home edition: Influencers are showing off their cooking skills!

Staying at home not only meant learning to live 24/7 inside but also making meals and cooking for ourselves! Thankfully, influencers helped us out by posting DIY content with simple, fuss-free recipes that could be easily prepared with everyday essentials. We saw influencers expanding their horizons by moving away from the content they usually showcased to creating videos, posting recipes, live cooking shows on their Social media to nutritious healthy food posts that help their followers better manage a daily routine.

No Gym?! No worries: Home workouts become the new buzz!

All of us were saying ‘Eat, sleep, repeat’ but after a few weeks, it turned to ‘Lazy, tired and sleepy’. With no physical activity of any kind, social media influencers gave us the push to begin working out at home by proving that you don’t need fancy equipment to exercise. Influencers have embraced the 30-day fitness challenges, yoga sessions, workouts using everyday items to even daily live streaming where followers get to workout with their influencers as a special daily session before the workday begins.

Not just fans, but also a family: How mental health awareness brought us closer online 

The severity of a pandemic has affected us in ways we were not prepared for, especially in terms of anxiety and stress with daily news filling us with dread. Keeping the hope alive, Influencers have also played a part in helping to create a positive environment by sharing relaxation techniques, posts that made us laugh to personal stories that gave us the comfort that we are not alone in what we feel, but together in this time offering happiness and hope. 

Even though social distancing is the norm but thankfully, social media un-distancing is happening. It is bringing us closer and closer together as we keep sharing/ liking/ loving new and unique content each day from our beloved influencers. 


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