Say it how you like it:) Communicate better with good Instagram captions

Okay okay, we get it. This is not the first time when you must have seen a post or an article that says ‘10 best Instagram captions to choose from’ or ‘Instagram captions that get more likes’ and so on. Those listicles can be really helpful for a last-minute requirement when you have to post something and you have no time to think. (We get it!) 

But it’s pretty interesting to see how when you are faced with a mental block and can’t think of what to say,  understanding what your post is about can help you have a ‘funny-happy-sarcastic-chiller’ vibe depending on what you want. Instagram may be a mainly visual medium but that doesn’t mean that just great photographs or images get recognized, good captions also matter!

Let’s try to understand how to know which captions to choose from depending on what you want your social media followers want to know. 

Create a Call to Action in your Caption:

Everyone uses the phrase, ‘Call to Action’ or CTA which means the final way to pitch something to the social media user and a way for you to know that they respond to what you posted. Beyond just a ‘like’, CTAs can be done with easy, simple phrases that can be added to the story/post:

  • Double Tap if you like what I share!

  • Tag me for a repost!

  • Tag your BFF and get a special discount code DM!

  • Tag someone and don’t say anything

Users read captions, by creating a conversation by talking to them one to one, it helps a follower turn into a fan of your work.

Great image + informative caption = More Love

From holiday trips to cooking meals posts, instead of just posting an image with a look at what you did during the weekend perhaps, add more story to the weekend by informing your followers. If you made a cake for your BFF’s birthday, don’t just show them the final product  but add the recipe, the tricks, and tips you used and therefore create a tiny short piece that helps users be able to go ‘Hmmm I should save this because I want to try it too!’  It’s always great to get a sneak peek into your life but if you learn something new, share it with your followers. It helps!

Tickle our funny bone

The internet has so many memes and viral funny content every single day! From beloved Binod to the trending January to August 2020 tragic looks, you too can create something funny Humour goes a long way on social media, and it’s great to show off your goofy self. Maybe you have a post where you look serious, how about trying to offset that with a funny caption? Or you just feel like it would be a great pun or sarcastic humor, go for it! Users love wordplay and you can show off your own brand of what makes you giggle. 


There’s always KISS (Keep it Short and Simple)

Sometimes you may have a solid image that you know just says it all. If its a picture of your pet or a great selfie,  going with a short and straightforward caption is the best method. Usually, creators may use too many hashtags or long captions to get attention but simplicity also creates value. For one thing,  that post will stand out more! You changed from your writing style you usually go with perhaps and it grabs their attention. Its always good to surprise your followers and also, make them look forward to what you’re gonna do next. 

These are just some of the few ways your caption or choice of words can help you get the attention of your Instagram world. This is just the start though, mastering great captions can be useful with your own fan app as well. Check out what we do and who knows, great captions can reap more benefits on your app. 


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